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Wonderful girl. Either I’m going to kill her or I’m beginning to like her!

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These bags actually contain the remains of unborn children slaughtered by an American abortionist.
Learn more.


These bags actually contain the remains of unborn children slaughtered by an American abortionist.

Learn more.

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Anonymous asked: I was adopted at birth and my birth mother was Catholic, I don't know much about Catholicism but I do know her belief in God helped her to decide to not abort me and to give me up for adoption since she felt very strongly that I needed a father and she couldn't provide that at the time. I was just wondering what Catholics think about giving a child up for adoption? I was raised as a Christian but there is still a stigma associated with adoption, like something is wrong with the adopted person.


Many people who are given up for adoption at birth assume it is because they are “unwanted”.

But here is where that is untrue.

One, your birth mother chose life for you. She chose the possibility of being labeled scandalous and the subject of ridicule to save your life. She chose you over herself.

Two, your birth mother knew that you would benefit from a family, as she felt she was not yet capable of taking care of you. She still carried you in her body, felt your excited kick, knew you were growing every day, and still decided that you deserved better then what she could give you, despite how much it may hurt her to let you go.

Three, you were adopted by parents who needed you because they couldn’t have you themselves. They prayed, hoped, waited for and loved you before they knew you even were to exist.

So you see, in your life you have received not one act of love, but three ultimate and sacrificial acts of love. I’m very sorry to hear that you feel as if there is a stigma attached to adoption, or to you, but you should know that your life is so extremely precious, and you are so extremely wonderful, that several people over were willing to preform such great acts of love for you.

Anyone, whether that person is Catholic, Christian, or anything else, who thinks there is anything wrong with you simply because you were adopted must suffer internally from some form of jealousy as it is so apparent you are loved so much. I personally do not know any Catholic who would ever view an adopted person as less then themselves in anyway, if anything in the current world we live in you are viewed as an absolute miracle.

Sometimes people who feel hurt inside themselves reflect that darkness on to other people. Don’t let others around you make you feel like you are any less. You are loved and precious, several times over.

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In Ukraine, the priest aren’t hiding. More dramatic photos here:

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I have resorted
to searching for you
in the ends of cigarettes
and on the bottoms
of empty wine bottles.
The addiction seems eternal,
but inevitable when both
actions act as temporary relief
from your bitter sweet memory.

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Happy 23rd Birthday to my favorite person, ever (✿◠‿◠)ノ゜゚・*☆

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